Shah Wali Allah

Hermansen, Marcia Kristina

     The subject of this study is the theory of religion of Shah Wali Allah of Delhi (1703-1762), primarily as expounded in the first volume of his major work, Hujjat Allah al-Baligha (The Conclusive Proof of God). This first volume of the work . . . is a theoretical introduction to the study and derivation of the legislation found in the reports of the Prophet. An annotated translation of this first volume has been prepared and appended here, not only because it is considered Shah Wali Allah's most important and influential work, but also because it is one of the most clear and systematic presentations of his thought."
     The Hujjat Allah, volume 1, is organized so as to present to the reader a series of topics which Shah Wali Allah considers constitutive of human experience, culminating in his theory of religion. In [this] . . . study his arrangement of topics has been followed, to a certain extent, by including chapters on the metaphysical structure of the universe; the spiritual aspects of the human individual and their connection to the physical; his theory of morality and ethics; the theory of the advancement of human civilization through stages of development (irtifaqat); and finally, Shah Wali Allah's ideas concerning religion in general and the Islamic rulings in particular. . . . This study concludes with an appendix containing biographical material and an overview of previous studies of Shah Wali Allah's thought.