Ecclesiastical Organization and Administration in the Methodist Episcopal Church in India

Harper, Marvin Henry

     The year 1936 will mark the eightieth anniversary of the arrival of the first missionaries of the Methodist Episcopal Church in India. Dr. William Butler and his family took up their residence in Bareilly, in what is now the United Provinces, on December 7, 1856. From those early beginnings there has grown up a large Church, with a Christian community of more than half a million persons. Methodist ecclesiastical organization and administration today differ widely from that introduced by the founders of the Mission. . . . The present study seeks to trace the evolution of some phases of Methodist Episcopal organization, administration, and missionary policy in India. It has been necessary to omit references to much of the history of the Church which, though extremely interesting, is not germane to this study.
     The study is organized chronologically, with sections devoted to the Methodist Episcopal Church in India 1856-1864; the territorial expansion of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1864-1888; the mass movement and its consequences 1880-1906; significant movements 1906-1920; resultant developments in organization and administration 1906-1920; India Methodism under the spell of nationalism 1920-1935; and finally the missionary policy in India of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1920-1935.

Archibald G. Baker, John T. McNeill