The Faith Movement of Mawlana Muhammad Ilyas

Haq, M. Anwarul

     This is a historical study of a modern religious movement among Muslims in India which originated in Mewat, an area south of Delhi, in 1927 and has now become almost international. . . . The purpose of this study is to bring to light the unique features of a movement as regards its ideals, goals, technique of work and organization, hardly known outside the circle of Muslims. The study seeks to show that the movement is something more than merely an organization to teach the fundamentals of the faith and basic religious observances. This study describes the historical background of the Tablighi Jama'at or Faith Movement; the life, work, and thought of its founder, Mawlana Muhammad Ilyas; and the organization and techniques of the movement. The focus is on the period of the life of Ilyas; appendices give information about the succession order of the Chishtiyah Shaykhs and about the spread of the Faith Movement abroad.

Edward C. Dimock (chair), Bernard Cohn, Daud Rahbar