The Relations between Nawab Sirajuddaullah and the East India Company, 1756-1757

Gupta, Brijen Kishore

     The purpose of this dissertation is to examine the background, the causes, the nature and the consequences of the conflict between the English company and the nawab [Sirajuddaullah] of Bengal. The first two chapters which deal with the growth of English economic and political interests in Bengal, . . . show . . . that the opulent nature of the Company's Bengal trade, in a period when both the central and the local authority throughout India was undergoing the process of disintegration, carried seeds of the conflict between the nawab and the Company. After describing the first phase of the conflict between Sirajuddaullah and the British East India Company, the author argues that the account of this conflict given by historian S.C. Hill is highly erroneous. The next chapters are a discussion of the return of the English to Bengal . . . to reestablish the English factories but also to arrange a coup d'etat against Sirajuddaullah and to dispossess the French of their establishments in Bengal. Finally, the author discusses the economic and political consequences of the Battle of Plassey.