Obtaining Information from Outside the Society for Planned Economic Development, with Special Reference to India

Gheselayagh, Abbas

     This thesis is concerned with the act of 'borrowing' ideas and things from the model society [as] a major instrument of social change in underdeveloped countries. India is the 'case' society in the following study. Chapter One describes, in very general terms, some of the problems of such a directional social change, with an attempt to set up the main variables involved in inter-active contact situations. Chapter Two presents some background material on India's planning programs leading to the first and second Five-Year Plans, and a brief critical analysis of the first Five-Year Plan. Chapter Three attempts to study in detail a number of specific strands in the flow of 'ideas and things' going to India from the outside world, with the intention of finding whether, and to what extent, the nature and the content of the borrowed items in these strands tie in with the end systems of the society as represented by the Five-Year Plans, and whether the Government exercises any control over 'what should go in, where from, how much, when, and where to enter the society.'