The Federalizing Process in India: A Study of West Bengal and the Union

Franda, Marcus F.

     This work seeks to make a beginning in the study of the federalizing process in India by focusing on the working agreements between the center and the states which have thus far been established, and on those factors which might impinge on the nature of those relationships. . . . Essentially, this is a series of three case studies on the development of working agreements between the Government of India and the Government of West Bengal. In the case studies the focus is on the role of party and governmental leaders in developing working agreements on broad matters of policy. . . . The present chapter . . . attempts to provide a background for an understanding of the events described in the subsequent pages. Other chapters attempt to make some estimate of the factors in the socio-economic environment and political process that have affected the development of the working relationships described in the case studies; still others relate to the development of land reform legislation in West Bengal . . . to the re-organization of the boundaries of West Bengal; and . . . to the creation and maintenance of the Damodar Valley Corporation.

Lloyd Rudolph (chair), Leonard Binder, David Greenstone