Religion and Society among the Tagbanuwa of Palawan Island, Philippines

Fox, Robert Bradford

     The basic problem which I am concerned with in this study of the pagan Tagbanuwa is 'how does religion contribute to the existence of society as an ordered and continuing system of relationships amongst human beings?' In short, how does religion work in the specific social, cultural, and ecological setting of the Tagbanuwa? What are its social functions, particularly in relation to the processes of social and cultural change?
     The body of this study will deal with an analysis of the Tagbanuwa's ritual practices and beliefs, showing the relationships of these to various levels of their social structure -- such relationships as are apparent. The Tagbanuwa, for example, have an elaborate 'Cult of the Dead.' How does kinship define the relationship of the living to the dead? What units of the social structures are correlated with the ritual practices of this cult? The structural interrelationships of the society will become apparent as the ritual life is described and analyzed.

Fred Eggan