Global nomads: Techno and New Age as transnational countercultures in Ibiza and Goa

D'Andrea, Anthony Albert Fischer

     This dissertation investigates how globalization engenders new forms of subjectivity, sociality and identity, by examining the social life of mobile expatriates involved in transnational circuits of countercultural practice. Based on multi-site fieldwork conducted in Ibiza (Spain) and Goa-Pune (India) from 1998 and 2003, it identifies the economic, social and cultural conditions that enable these post-metropolitan subjects to integrate labor, mobility and spirituality within a cosmopolitan culture of expressive individualism. By means of a dialogue between global and critical studies, it develops the notion of "neo-nomadism" as a way of conceptualizing hypermobile lifestyles as a cosmopolitan diaspora, as a countercultural spirituality, and as a charismatic commodity. In this connection, the study demonstrates how capitalist, state and moral regimes simultaneously promote, stifle and appropriate countercultural spaces, practices and imaginaries. This dissertation offers an empirical case about the emergence of identity forms predicated not on fixity but on a principle of metamorphosis, while also suggesting that neo-nomads anticipate predicaments, trends and dilemmas of cultural globalization.

Povinelli, Elizabeth