Commercial Relations of the Philippine Islands with Other Regions

Cruz, Cornelio Castor

     This study is an analysis of the overseas trade and shipping of the Philippine Islands on an inter-regional basis. It purports to explain the relation of this trade and shipping in their diverse phases to [the] natural environment of the regions concerned. The past development of the trade of the islands [is] considered only in so far as it helps to orient the present relationships.
     Topics examined in this dissertation include the role of shipping in the overseas trade of the Philippines; major ports of the Philippines (Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, etc.); major exports (hemp, cane sugar, coconut products, tobacco, embroidery, etc.) and imports (textiles, iron and steel, automobiles, mineral oils, meat and dairy products, flour, paper, etc.), with a particular focus on trade with the United States; trade with East Asia; and trade with Europe.

Charles C. Colby