Bureaucracy in Makassar, Indonesia: The Political Anthropology of a Complex Organization

Conkling, Robert Happ

     This is a study of the dynamics of large-scale organizations. The research was conducted in the city of Makassar for the most part, which was the administrative center of the province of South Sulawesi. While information was gathered on several organizations, the focus was on the province office of the national Public Works Department, whose center of operation was in the city of Makassar, and the Health Department, both the Development Division . . . and the Department front office in the province. The aim of the research was to examine organizations that had technical missions, so that they could be used in comparisons with similar organizations in the West. . . . Participant observation was used in preference to formal interviews, questionnaires, scaled items, and so on, . . . . Subjects covered in this study include office economics and organization (formal and informal), the decision-making process, and the bureaucratic ethic.

Manning Nash (chair), Milton B. Singer, Stanley J. Tambiah