The Cultural Ecology of a Chinese Village: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Clarkson, James D.

     In the present study three overlapping sets of events are examined in the context of cultural ecology. These three sets consist of a discussion of the vegetable production and distribution system of the Chinese in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, the history of settlement and resettlement of a part of this population, and an analysis of conflicting attitudes and values of the Chinese in this group and of the members of various state and national government agencies. . . . The purpose of this study . . . is to analyze the inter-relations between the social and economic system on the one hand, and the land-use system on the other. Chapters 2, 3, and 4 give the background, mainly historical, necessary for an understanding of the contemporary scene. The following three chapters . . . describe and analyze three aspects of this scene, the crop ecology of the vegetable industry, the settlement history of the Betram Valley population, and the conflicts engendered by divergent views of a common resource. The concluding chapter aims at re-unifying these three aspects of current Highlands life into an intelligible whole.

Norton S. Ginsburg, Marvin W. Mikesell