The Congress Party Organization in Uttar Pradesh: The Transformation from Movement to Party in an Indian State

Brass, Paul R.

     This dissertation is an analysis of the transition of the Congress organization in one Indian state, Uttar Pradesh, from a mass movement to an effective political party. It is a study of the processes of disintegration and integration in a modern political organization operating in a traditional society. It is an examination of the problem of the adjustment and adaptation of a modern political party to the traditional order.
     The working of the Congress organization in Uttar Pradesh [is studied] at the state and district levels because the two levels of organization are integrated in important ways. However, the main concern of the dissertation is with the effectiveness of the local, district Congress organizations in organizing popular support and in maintaining internal unity.
     The main body of the dissertation contains case studies of the Congress Party in five districts: Gonda, Deoria, Kanpur, Aligarh, and Meerut. Each district has been selected because it represents in a very sharp way a particular kind of problem with which the Congress must deal and a particular kind of environment in which the Congress must operate.

Myron Weiner (chair), Grant McConnell, Duncan MacRae