The Philosophy of Sri Jiva Goswami (Vaisnava Vedanta of the Bengal School)

Brahmachari, Mahanam Brata

     The author describes his thesis as follows: I . . . consider the metaphysics of Vedanta in general and the contributions of Sri Jiva Goswami in particular. . . . I . . . write about the general ontological position of the Upanisads, which is virtually the metaphysics of Vedanta, and after a brief review of the approach of Sankara and Ramanuja, consider the philosophy of Sri Jiva Goswami. . . . In [my] account of Sri Jiva [I] shall first consider his general position in relation to the ontological background of the Upanisads and next the synthesis he attempted between the two opposing views of Sankara and Ramanuja. Lastly [I] shall include four sections on theology, psychology, cosmology, and ethics of Sri Jiva and his school.