The Goddess Durga-Kali: The Structural Unity of Myth, Cult, and Symbols

Beane, Wendell Charles

     This dissertation examines the goddess Durga-Kali with respect to three broad yet distinctive categories of religious understanding: cosmology, rituology, and eschatology. . . . There have been many treatments of varying aspects of the worship of Durga-Kali. However, there has apparently been no attempt made, heretofore, to examine this religious phenomenon as a potentially unified structure of thought and expression. Here we are undertaking such a task, focusing upon this goddess as the prototypical image par excellence in the religion of Shakta Hinduism. . . . In a word, our aim is to render a reasonably comprehensive historical, phenomenological, and structural exposition and interpretation of Durga-Kali as part of the Indian 'mother-goddess complex' but especially as it is manifested in Bengal.

Mircea Eliade