Inflectional Pattern of Indo-European Nouns

Bailey, Charles-James

     The aim of the present study is to organize such knowledge about the inflectional patterns of Proto-Indo-European nouns as has been gained over the years into a cohesive system based on currently accepted views of the phonological and root structure of the parent language and on new insights about the theory of language that have become available in recent years. An expected side result will be some indication of the phonetic differences among the throat sonants, if it turns out that some of these function differently from others in rules like Sievers-Edgerton's Law. It will be beyond the scope of the present undertaking to deal with syntax, derivation, accentual phenomena beyond permutations that strictly appertain to inflectional processes, or the declension of pronouns or adjectives beyond what directly affects nominal inflection. Although the bulk of the dissertation deals with case desinences, it also includes some observations on sound changes and a chapter on declensional patternings.

Eric Hamp