Adjectival Clauses in Tamil

Annamalai, E.

     This is a transformational study of the two kinds of adjectival clause in Tamil, viz., Case and Complement adjectival clauses. It tries to find the semantic representation of these clauses, to test for Tamil the constraints proposed in earlier works on Movement transformation and to formulate some new constraints. It has a discussion on the problem of determiners and quantifiers in the underlying sentence of the Case adjectival clause and on the problem of aspect, mode and tense in the adjectival clause. At the end, it has a brief review of earlier works done on the adjectival clause in Tamil. . . .
     The data of this study might be taken as the modern standard spoken Tamil, though the influence of my own dialect of childhood (Ramnad-Nadar) may not be excluded altogether.

A. K. Ramanujan